Biographies for Hire

In addition to writing for publication in newspapers, magazine, websites, and blogs, I have also written many biographies for a wide variety of clients who need them for a professional brochure, website, or other marketing material.

Let me explain why a professional bio makes good sense for you and your marketing. First, the experience is good for you in terms of getting your story on paper, so you can see where you’ve come from, where you’ve gone, and where you’re going. A typical bio includes a two-hour interview with some follow-up and up to three revisions for $350. All of my bio-for-hire clients in both business and the arts have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Second, the process of being interviewed helps you to organize your career trajectory into an interesting narrative of between 800-1000 words that makes your accomplishments and achievements really shine.  When you can see it and are satisfied, chances are good your potential client will see it also.  A narrative bio of your career history and future plans help a potential client see how what you do can be of benefit to them.

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April 1st, 2014 by sandyadmin