White Papers/Press Releases/Bios

If you need great writing done for your personal or business needs, look no further.  Pleshaw has had a wide-ranging career that spans a variety of different markets and interests.

For clients ranging from artists to business interests, Pleshaw has top-notch written collateral for promotion and editorial purposes, including essays, white papers, and personal bios.

Press release clients include Big Stone Phone, makers of the Twitterlator, as well as La Puerta Designs, Eternia Now, and artists like Gregory Lomayesva and Mateo Romero.

Working with a previous company, Pleshaw also wrote the catalog copy for the Southwest Association of American Indian Art‘s 2008 catalog.

He’s also written influential white papers for the Virtual Reality Development Association, (now a part of Second Life.)

He also project managed the design and copy on an impressive brochure for artist Allan Houser.

Other clients include artist Carlos Smith, writer Gerry Hausman, and website copy for Santa Fe Realty Partner and City Different Realty.  For individuals, Pleshaw has also penned numerous bios for website and personal use.  And if you meet the qualifications for living fame, you can hire Pleshaw to write your wikipedia entry.  Entries begun by Pleshaw include Allan Houser, Gregory Lomayesva, and Peter Sarkisian.

November 15th, 2011 by sandyadmin