I began making websites in 1994, but as HTML code became more complex, I gravitated more towards the specialty of Information Architecture, (IA), a discipline that creates the information topography of a website. The process begins by getting a handle on the number of pages that will be required for a site, and gathering the necessary “collateral” (pictures & text) that will fill the site. Working in close contact with designers, (“look & feel”) and coders, (who write the underlying HTML) I worked on many sites through the 1990s and 2000s in this capacity.

Using WordPress now, I can develop the site architecture, develop & gather the collateral, put the pages together and produce a full website. WordPress has distinct advantages in that many themes are responsive, allowing for a mobile site to be built alongside a laptop version.  Click on the icons below to reach the completed sites.





enchante bitcoins







The following website was created in 2004 using html and while it’s no longer online, it was a project I loved doing.  It included capturing the poet’s spoken word using a Mini-Disc recorder and getting all the files to the web in a site that I still think has that old school look of the web.  I still have the complete website and might get around to re-hosting it someday.  Danny Solis is an incredible talent and a great human being.




November 15th, 2011 by sandyadmin