African American Bios

Through 2005-2006, one of my clients hired me to write a series of biographies on notable African Americans.  The project began during Black History month but continued for over a year, as the client would call me with another name to research and write about.  Most of the subjects had ample information about them on the web – but some, such as Eunice Carter, who was one of the first African Americans female lawyers in the nation, required lots of digging around.  The project was really fun and the client was awesome – but while I heard they were making “trading cards” with them, I never saw a finished product.  C’est la vie.  I enjoyed it.  Here’s a list of the notables I wrote about.

John Audubon
Pearl Bailey
Count Basie
Horace Mann Bond
Ed Bradley
Ralph Ellison
Eunice Carter
Gordon Parks
George Grant
William Monroe Trotter

April 2nd, 2014 by sandyadmin